2-hour Baby & Child CPR & Heimlich ZOOM Course
(Adult CPR, Allergies, Prevention, First Aid, AED upon request)

(Adult CPR, Allergies, Prevention, First Aid, AED upon request)(Adult CPR, Allergies, Prevention, First Aid, AED upon request)


As we are all social distancing, with plenty of time in our hands and with the help of technology, there is no better time to take a  virtual “Heimlich and CPR” course.
We are offering one-on-one online CPR courses via Zoom.

For • Parents, grandparents, siblings, caregivers, nannies & babysitters
Topics The course will focus on the skills needed to recognize and manage choking and cardiac emergencies in infants and children
• Heimlich (Infant & Child)
• CPR (Infant & Child)
Duration • 2 Hours
Number of participants Our courses are interactive with one-on-one supervision, therefore the # of screens is limited to 2.
• One household: Unlimited participants, up to 2 screens or
• Two households: 2 screens with 2 participants/screen
Cost $180 plus tax (payable by E-transfer prior to the course)
SPECIAL for a limited time only:
Register now and receive an additional 30 minute session of choking prevention

Course Plan: • Theory and discussion
• Questions and answers
• Demonstration on mannequins
• Practice on items that resemble a mannequin (i.e. dolls, teddy bears, pillows etc.)
Includes 1-year digital Protect Enfant Inc. certificate
When Upon availability
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