We are childproofers since 1998. We decided to be dedicated to the safety business because we do not want to deviate our attention from what we know to do best. Our specialty is SAFETY and PREVENTION and we are committed to providing families with peace of mind by creating a safer environment for their infants, babies and toddlers to explore, learn and grow.  


Our Experience - Your piece of mind

Here at Protect Enfant we are not simply selling furniture and safety items. We ONLY SPECIALIZE in making your home a safer environment.

Since the year 2000 we have worked very hard, and gone through extensive in-house training in order to become a Member of the International Association for Child Safety.

This membership allows us to constantly learn from our fellow members and to be up to date with new trends, best practices, quality issues and best products available in the market.


CPR courses for Healthcare Professionals offered by Certified Instructors from the Heart & Stroke Foundation


Training parents, grandparents, daycare and school teachers, healthcare professionals at the Jewish General Hospital since 2004

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