CPR & Choking - Private babies

For Parents, grandparents, school teachers, lunch mothers, nannies & babysitters
Topics • Choking Maneuvre for all
• Infant, Child & Adult CPR
• Hands on practice with mannequins
• Make your place a safer environment
Duration 4 Hours
Cost @ our training centre $35 (taxes included)
Minimum 8 participants
Cost @ your location $40 (taxes included) @ your location.
Minimum 8 participants.
Special Offer • Pay for 8 - the 9th is free
• Pay for 10 - the 11th and 12th are free
Includes Course plan, 2-year certificate
Location You choose your preferred location (home, work, school or institution) or we organize one for you.
Requirement A minimum number of 8 participants is required for a private course.
Questions? 514-369-0337